Kunkreet studio ceramics

Handmade Ceramics by kunkreet studio

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Kunkreet studio pottery

Kunkreet studio is a small pottery production and design studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

The studio produces contemporary hand made artisanal ceramics.

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Currently in store are ceramic cups, small ceramic jugs, ceramic wall art tilings and ceramic bowls...

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Handmade ceramic bowls

Handmade ceramic bowls by kunkreet studio. These bowls are made with either a chocolate brown stoneware clay or a lightly speckled beige porcelain clay.

There are three varieties in stock: the chocolate brown stoneware finish with an opaque variegated glaze on the inside of the bowl; the white glazed finish and the beige speckled porcelain finish with an opaque glaze on the inside of the bowl.

These are multi-purpose serving bowls that work well as cereal bowls, muesli and yogurt bowls, rice bowls, individual salad bowls and dessert bowls.

Find these in the kunkreet.studio online shop here.


Kunkreet studio woodfired porcelain

Wood-fired porcelain

Hand made wood-fired porcelain cups by kunkreet studio. Each one of these is completely unique - the result is a combination of hand building the form on a pottery wheel and the atmosphere and flame inside a wood-fired kiln, which is hard to plan and to recreate. This spontaneity is typical of the kunkreet studio design philosophy. Find these in the kunkreet studio online shop here.

Kunkreet studio ceramics

Hand made stoneware

Kunkreet studio has an ever increasing number of clay body designs that has its own look and feel and this is most apparent with the stoneware clays. The stoneware items range from wood-fired to oxidation fired and includes white glazed stoneware milk jugs, brown stoneware cups and milk jugs, wood-fired stoneware cups and jugs. You can find these in the kunkreet studio online shop here.

Kunkreet studio ceramic art tiling

Geometric ceramic art tilings

Ceramic art and geometric tilings have been a bit of a fascination here at kunkreet studio for many years and will be for years to come. You can find the art tilings in the kunkreet studio online shop here.

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