My name is Riaan and kunkreet.studio is my project and the name of my pottery and design studio.

I am a ceramist and a designer craftsman – the design work I do here also include the technical and the engineering aspects of the design and production process, which largely goes unseen.

I live and work within the greater Cape Town city metro (in South Africa), producing contemporary artisanal ceramic ware and now also selling hand made ceramics through this online shop.

I think the word artisanal describes very well what I do here - It represents is a high quality and/or distinctive item usually made by hand or using traditional methods.

I make the entire piece, starting with the material designs to the hand building of the form and lastly firing in a wood and/or electric kiln.

I like to see the pieces that I make as utensils, which places me in the field of ceramic design and small scale studio pottery production. The pieces that I make also have a sculptural element that emerges during the hand building process, but regardless, I take great pride in the fact that these pieces are functional ceramic wares, unless stated otherwise.

I will regularly be updating this online shop with new work – so feel free to have a look around and check back in to see what's new.

I have an Instagram page @kunkreet.studio and you can follow what I get up to there; and there is also a blog page (echoed in the newsletter) on this website where I will infrequently give updates and thoughts about my work etc...

Thanks for reading

Riaan Pienaar


PS: Some may be curious about the name kunkreet.studio.

Kunkreet is a portmanteau using the words kuns (art) and konkreet (concrete).

When I started the kunkreet.studio project in 2012, I made things in concrete for about two years before migrating to ceramics, which is what I exclusively do now.