The art, science and craft of making things.

27 June 2020

These are a few of my favorite things : the art, science and craft of making things… and with that the immense appreciation of the creative process and the difficult journey that makes a crafts- man or woman.

When I started my journey, I did so on a whim and a shoestring… it was of course rooted in something much deeper – something mysterious; a sort of a mirage you see in your mind or a feeling that you experience. But walking that path is a lot more precarious than any clinical explanation could express.

Most paths through life brings interesting perspectives and vistas, that those people on other paths may be ignorant of… the journey of the craftsman is one of these vistas, and more people are aware of the specifics - of what it means to be a craftsman, than many may realize.

I think here one can look at the idea behind the term Kung fu, the Chinese martial art - Kung fu refers to a skill that is learned through hard work and practice. Also, if you take a definition of “an art” (that one practices), ~ a superior skill that you learn by study, practice and observation. And if you take these ideas to the level of mastery, it provides an endless treasure of mystery, art, design, engineering, craft and science.

I was describing my work to my girlfriend the other day, calling it raw, sophisticated and subtle. Something like raw unfinished concrete, steel, exposed wooden beams or bare bricks contrasting beautifully with sleek modern elements - I love the natural hues and earthy tones also inherent in the clays and glazes that I make and create with… simple forms that contrast elegance and sculptural and varying visual textures into subtle, timeless and authentic everyday pieces.

My utilitarian and minimalist creations do not rely on over refinement or embellishments, but uses subtle contrasts within the piece and similarly blends harmoniously in modern interiors and architectural environments.

There is no hiding away of structure, natural textures or the evidences of the production process – on the contrary, I celebrate these and I tell the story, etched into the final finished object – a story that the end user shares in, and continues...



Serendipitous moments

21 April 2020

I am currently launching my new website and also my new online ceramic shop.
Typically I would like to wait and build more stock before I launch, or wait for the whole corona virus pandemic and lock down to blow over, and a thousand other reasons... but, there really never is a perfect time to do something...

Being a craftsman teaches one about perfection and the lesson is : that you never get something perfect... always slightly imperfect – and that is where its beauty lies; and that is what makes something truly interesting and authentic.

Not just a cup or a chair but a piece of art – functional art some people call it, or design...

What I'm trying to say is, that as a designer and a craftsman, it's the imperfections that inspire me and the serendipitous moments during the creation of a piece or an idea or even in living your life, that makes it one of a kind and special...

My first shop update comprises mostly of ceramic cups and small ceramic jugs and I'm currently busy creating a number of ceramic bowls, tilings and other pieces that will be ready in the near future...

I have another ceramic range that I produce, in addition to the work available on the website, and that can keep me rather busy... regardless I will regularly be updating this shop with more interesting things.

Thats me for now.